Digital transformation



Teleforum For® means focusing on digital transformation with a customized suite based on the organizational structure of your firm: you can now define new processes to make your business even more competitive.


Teleforum for® means working better, faster, and at a lower cost, with a user-friendly solution that integrates perfectly with your information system.


Thanks to Teleforum For®’s powerful migration tool, you will never lose any information from your previous systems, whether in Excel, XML, CSV, Relational Databases or NoSQL. 

information value

To fully benefit from your Teleforum for® you will be supported by our specialists with classroom and on-the-job training sessions.

You can also count on a contact center and assistance service for constant support, including on-site support, and to get all the necessary updates.

TELEFORUM FOR ®️ is a registered product and trademark belonging to EUFORLEGAL

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